Theia-i Series

Plan infinity Microscopes for Research and Clinical use

Key Features

The functional design and the superior build quality of the Theia-i make it the ideal microscope for educational, clinical and high end applications. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable for working on the microscope for long hours without fatigue.


Optical Features

The PLAN Infinity Corrected Optics of the Theia-i produce extremely flat, clear and sharp images. The Theia-i optics are multi-layer coated to greatly enhance the light transmission and image contrast. Further, the FN 20 eyepieces provide a wider visualization of the specimen under view.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.58.16 PM.png

Plan Infinity Corrected Optics

World class colour corrected infinity objectives provide longer working distances and higher numerical apertures improving flatness drastically and, producing sharp clear images right up to the field of view.

Optics With Multi-Layer Coating

The multi-layer coated optics provide improved contrast to enhance images even with weak slide staining.

Anti-Fungus Treated Optics

All the optics are treated with an antifungus coating, preventing them from damage due to mold and fungi in hot and humid climates.